Pachysandra (AKA Japanese Spurge) is a maintenance-free ground cover that is one of the most popular ground covers. It is an excellent ground cover for shady and problem areas as it grows in any soil and is one of the few ground covers that will grow under pine trees. Pachysandra will transform your otherwise bare and ugly ground areas into attractive year-round cover.

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Varieties of Pachysandra share these characteristics:

Varieties of Pachysandra

NameHardiness ZonesHeightCommentsOrdering Information
Pachysandra terminalis 4-9 6-12" The common variety. More info
Pachysandra t. Green Sheen 4-9 6-12" Uncommon shiny leaves. More info
Pachysandra t. Silver Edge 4-9 6-12" Variegated, white margins. More info

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